Wooden Dummy with Rotating Head

Wooden Dummy with Rotating Head

This is a variation on the standard  type of Bagua dummy that has been created by an old Bagua master. This spinning head has multiple arms (in stead of 4) at different heights. 

  • Traditional construction
  • Rotating head
  • Body & head made out of solid wood
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My Personal Opinion

As said in the intro, this is a variation on the standard bagua dummy that only has 4 arms and no middle arm on the body & leg. If you are looking for that model let me know, i can fix that for you :)

As all of our dummies, it's handcrafted from an Elm tree. While this is not particularly an exotic hardwood they were traditionally used as pillars in Chinese countryside houses and are more than suitable to stand the test of time.

In fact, since we started to build our first dummies back in 2005, not one of them has been report or returned cracked up or broken.


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