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Chinese Weapons


The Chinese have a long list of martial arts weapons from both the ancient and the modern times. These Chinese weapons work great as display pieces, but many people use them to practice the Chinese art of self-defense, kung fu. Kung fu, also known as Wushu or the Chinese martial arts, was developed in China and consists of numerous fighting styles.


Of all the martial arts weapons still in use, the dao swords might as well be the most famous. The bagua dao, dadao, nandao and duilian dao are under this category of Chinese broadswords. The watersong broadsword, southern broadsword, Longquan broadsword and the Yang Tai Chi broadsword are also popular variations. The dao is considered “The General of All Weapons”.


Another famous weapon is the straight sword, jian. The jian is a straight, double-edged sword. The most common forms are the bagua straightsword, Longquan and the standard Wushu sword. The jian is considered “The Gentleman of Weapons”. There is also the Tai Chi straight sword, though it has been said that straight swords were not meant for the Taijiquan.



Other categories of Chinese martial arts weapons include halberds, polearms, spears, spades, forks and staffs. There are also double broadswords, double axes, and butterfly swords.