Free Standing Dummy on Tripod with Springs

Free Standing Dummy on Tripod with Springs

If you need a solid dummy but with more 'mobility' than the standard verision and or a wall mounted piece, this model with springs is exactely what you might need.

  • Very stable
  • A 'moving' target thanks to the steel springs on the side
  • Solid body made out of 1 piece of wood
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My Personal Opinion

This Tripod Dummy with springs on the side is a good solution if you are looking for a stable construction but with a bit of a movable body.  It's pretty easy & fast to set up and definitely solid enough to hit the dummy with speed and power without moving it around.

As all of our dummies, it's handcrafted from an Elm tree. While this is not particularly an exotic hardwood they were traditionally used as pillars in Chinese countryside houses and are more than suitable to stand the test of time :)

In fact, since we started to build our first dummies back in 2005, not one of them has been report or returned cracked up or broken.

  • body size: 20.5cm dia. x 165cm tall
  • arm base 6.5cm dia - arm tip 3.5cm dia - arm length 30.5cm
  • distance between the two top arms: 23 cm when open, and 20 cm when closed
  • top arms are about 130cm measured  from the ground
  • cross section of the leg is approx. 7 x 7 cm, and slightly bigger at the knee
  • tripod base measure about  150 x 150cm

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