Deluxe carrying case in black with red details 

  • carrying handle
  • space for one sword, two short weapons and a long stick
  • extra zipped pockets 
  • made of sturdy nylon and PU
  • padding and extra straps

Extra adhesive hilt tape

  • self adhesive
  • better grip
  • prevent blisters and skin irritation
  • synthetic material
  • colours: black, yellow, red and purple
  • brand yomex
  • sizing: 1200mm x 20mm x 1mm

Sashes - decorative accessory

  • made of satin
  • 33 cm x 33 cm
  • sold individually
  • colours: yellow, green, white, red, blue, black

Spear hair

  • sold by set of three (shown in bulk on picture)
  • length: ca. 12 cm 
  • colours: black, white and red
  • made of high quality synthetic fibers

Tassels in mono colour

  • sold individually
  • length: ca. 20 cm 
  • colours: blue, red, yellow or white 

Tassels in multi colour

  • sold individually
  • length: ca. 20 cm 
  • colours: white with pink, blue, yellow, orange or black



Bamboo fans, bamboo shields and Taiji balls are some of the most common non-weapon items used in Chinese martial arts.


Bamboo fans are mostly used for demonstrations and traditional routines. Many Chinese martial arts schools also teach self-defense techniques using these fans. It is also popularly used for interior design as wall display, though its use in tai chi routines is equally popular.


Bamboo shields have their fair share of being used as wall decorations, but its use in martial arts schools still has not lost its purpose. It has been said that these shields were older versions of the traditional rattan shields. Again, these bamboo shields are now used for demonstrations and traditional Wushu rather than actual combat.


The Taiji Ball Qigong is the least famous of the three, but it is slowly gaining more attention. The secrecy kept by those who practice this ancient art meant that there are only few people left who know about it. This has changed over the last few years, and now there are quite a number of schools that teach the art. Practicing with the Taiji and Qigong ball is said to increase power, strengthen the torso, condition the muscles and control the Qi.