Training EquipmentWithout proper training equipment, one can only hope to learn the Chinese martial arts


A 3 section canvas bag filled with traditional beans and with rings on top so it can be attached to the wall.

  • Made of solid canvas
  • Each section has a zipper
  • Filled with beans or unfilled

Strong canvas bag to toughen the skin and bones at various parts of your body. It has been mostly used for iron palm training.

  • Made of solid canvas
  • Different sizes available
  • Comes filled or unfilled

These are the original weight training devices in Chinese martial arts for providing the ultimate in weight resistance.

  • Iron & Chromed Rings
  • Weigth :
  • Inner diameter : 9cm

If you watch the current trends in strength and condition training you will notice that old school material such as these locks are making a revival. 

  • Made of blue stone
  • Avaliable in 5 - 10 - 15Kg
  • Sold per piece or pair

Training Equipment


Without proper training equipment, one can only hope to learn the Chinese martial arts. The punching bags, the iron rings and the stone locks are equipment used to hone a martial artist’s skills.


Some martial arts philosophies require the need for wooden dummies, sandbags or punching bags. The bags are used to train different parts of the body and master different movements. For example, the Choy Lee Fut makes use of a balanced dummy with punching bags attached to the front and sides. This particular dummy is used to practice the arm motions of the philosophy, while the bags are to train the hands and fingers.


Iron rings are made of heavy metal weighing 1-2 kg, and are used in both strength and weight training. They are most popularly used in Yau Kung Moon and Hung Ga martial arts philosophies, and are used to teach proper breathing.


Stone locks have been in used since at least the Tang dynasty, and was developed further during the Qing dynasty.  They were developed to help train the arms, legs, wrists and waist, as well as tighten one’s grip. Modern stone locks weigh 5-15 kg and are used in strength, weight and forms training.